Fluid in endometrial cavity – Patient from Gwalior

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March 20, 2018
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March 23, 2018
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Fluid in endometrial cavity – Patient from Gwalior


Mrs. Sharma / 34 years, years a resident of Gwalior, a case of secondary infertility, had a history of recurrent ectopic pregnancies i.e. She had pregnancies in her both tubes and had both tubes removed . She was referred to me for IVF test tube baby treatment. We did her ovarian stimulation but she failed to respond and had to go for donor egg cycle. But in her donor cycle she developed fluid in her endometrial cavity which was aspirated and sent for culture. Since it came sterile she underwent embryo transfer followed by delivering a set of twins. So each case needs to be catered individually and like one cloth doesn’t fit all. One protocol doesn’t fit all.Patient centric and patient tailored  treatment is our speciality.

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