Low AMH and fertility

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March 20, 2018
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Low AMH and fertility

Low AMH and fertility

Mrs AB ,35 yrs ,primary infertility ,patient from dewas with low AMH of 0.2 ng/ml had undergone treatment at various places at madhya pradesh.She was advised egg
donation at some centre.when we evaluated her we advised her minimal stimulation protocol and with that treatment she could conceive with her own eggs and at much lower cost.

So what does low AMH mean?

AMH is a hormone which is secreted by primordial germ cells in ovary and its us an idea about quality and quantity of eggs a female has in her body.Unlike old tests like FSH ,it can be done at any day of cycle and is now quiet standardized .Normal value range variesfrom lab to lab.In case its low ,it indicates that women is running short of time and needs to expediate treatment.

Is there a tablet to increase AMH or ovarian reserve?

Few small trials are done with few molecules like DHEAS but in they are not yet proved in larger randomized trials.So as of now there are no medicines to improve AMH.

What next after a low AMH?

Depending on patient profile i.e age,cause of infertility,male factor ,other associated pathologies ,patient is advised IUI intrauterine insemination or IVF invitro fertilization or egg donation programme.Each case is different and advised accordingly.

What is minimal stimulation IVF?

In IVF conventionally ,high dose of injections are given for 10-12 days daily with intention to develop 10-15 eggs so that a optimal number and quality of embryos are obtained.
But in minimal stimulation IVf ,dose used is minimal so that less but good quality eggs are formed which are genetically better to give optimum pregnancy rates.

low AMH means to seek appropriate treatment with a trained reproductive medicine Fertilty specialist to get optimum outcome.

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