Hysteroscopy’s Function in IVF

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What is Hysteroscopy?

The process of hysteroscopy is helpful in inspecting the uterus. IVF specialists in Mumbai use hysteroscopy to determine whether the uterus is fit and ready to carry the child. It aids in locating objects that are difficult for ultrasonography to detect. Consequently, performing a hysteroscopy before IVF is crucial.
How is Hysteroscopy carried out?
During this process, the specialists at the IVF centre in Indore . use a hysteroscope, a small telescope with a camera, and light at the end. The screen will reflect any images captured with the telescope. This aids the physician in the search for polyps, fibroids, and scar tissue.
What are the benefits of a Hysteroscopy procedure?
Before beginning IVF treatment, a hysteroscopy surgery is essential due to the following advantages:
&bull Hysteroscopy raises the rate of conception
&bull Prior to starting IVF, it aids in locating and eliminating polyps and scar tissue.
Who are the best candidates for a Hysteroscopy procedure?
The ideal candidates for hysteroscopy surgery must be chosen after considering a variety of parameters. The following are a few of the factors:
• Number of miscarriages
• Genetic issues
• Uterus problems
• Medical history

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