Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to provide excellence for all our patients in everything we do. Through this founding principle, we ensure that all our patients have the best chance of achieving their dream of a family, without exception.

We believe in creating individualised bespoke patient fertility treatment plans. Our doctors will take a detailed medical history and work closely with you to develop a personalised, realistic and evidence-based treatment plan.

We provide a full service seven days a week at our clinic and are open on bank holidays to ensure that we are available for patients at all times.

Over the years, we have developed high expertise in the successful management of couples with previous repeated failed IVF cycles and recurrent miscarriage. We take a holistic approach, paying special attention to all factors in prior treatment history to achieve a successful outcome for the patient.

Men and women also vary in terms of their genetics. When appropriate, we employ the widest available genetic screening tests and genetic counselling to minimise the chances of unsuccessful treatment and the risk of transmission of genetic disease to children.

CARE is amongst world-class leaders in the pioneering of new techniques, such asPGT-A, M, Endometrial receptivity array, MACS etcand the advancement of fertility treatments.