Egg / Sperm / Embryo Donor

Sperm, egg and embryo donation
Helping you to complete your family through sperm, egg and embryo donation at our centre.

Having your own family is sometimes more challenging than expected. You may need help from a donor – whether known or anonymous – to help you achieve your dreams of parenthood.

At Care Centre, we offer programmes that enable sperm, eggs and embryos to be donated to help others. There are many reasons why someone decides to become a donor, but one thing they all share is the desire to help others realise their hopes of starting a family.

People can donate sperm, eggs and embryos altruistically, or if you need treatment yourself you can become a sperm or egg sharer and receive a free IVF treatment package to reduce the cost of your treatment.

If you would like to help someone you know who needs IVF treatment you can donate eggs or sperm anonymously and nominate a friend or family member to receive a free IVF treatment package at a Bourn Hall clinic.

If you think you need treatment with donated sperm, eggs or embryos you can call on 88890 16663