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The process of IVF is neither simple nor an easy task for doctors. In the very first step you the doctors have to proceed the
“Injection” procedure, for growth of eggs in Ovary
• Injection (stimulating drug) is given for the growth of eggs in the ovaries of women, so that more than one egg is produced.
• More eggs increase the chances of IVF being successful and may reduce the cost if the procedure is to be repeated.

Process of getting eggs (Ovaries)
• In Between 10 to 12 days after the injection, the procedure is done to remove the fully developed egg from the ovary.

• Using a transvaginal ultrasound or laparoscope, these developed eggs are obtained. In this small procedure, the woman is given anesthesia and these eggs are placed in a special container.

Simultaneously, on the other hand a sperm or semen sample will be taken:
When the egg is being received, a sperm sample will also be taken at the same time. This sample will be sent to the medical lab where the best sperm will be selected for the IVF process.

Egg and sperm are mixed in an unnatural Technique:
• Most often, the developed egg and selected sperm are carefully incubated in the lab, under specific conditions. This process takes about a day and results are visible only after one to two days.
• This step is modified according to your needs and circumstances. For example, sometimes if there is a deficiency in sperm, they are injected into the developed egg and then the IVF process proceeds.
• After 3 to 4 days, the fertilized egg is inserted into the woman’s uterus with the help of a small procedure.
• The outcome of IVF depends on whether these eggs are now able to attach to the lining of the uterus. What to do with the extra fertilized eggs is decided according to the wishes of the couple.

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