Is It Possible To Get Pregnant While Still Breastfeeding And Waiting For Your Period?

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Every month, ovulation normally happens before menstruation. However, there is still the possibility of ovulation at any time. After ovulation, you may get a period within two weeks. If you haven’t had your period yet and are still waiting, you may be too late to avoid pregnancy.
How likely can you get pregnant while breastfeeding?
Exclusive nursing can provide some birth control for a short period of time. The “Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)” is a method for preventing pregnancy.

Even after employing the LAM technique for the first six months after delivery, only 1 to 2 out of 100 women may become pregnant. If you don’t want to become pregnant while breastfeeding like the majority of women, you should –
• Instead of using a pacifier, snuggle up and let your baby satisfy her sucking requirements.
• Allow your infant to nurse exclusively – don’t supplement with formula and avoid solids or anything else.
• Allow your baby to nurse whenever she wants, such as every 4 hours throughout the day or every 6 hours at night. With LAM, pumping is not an option.
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