Introducing most advanced IVF lab in Indore

Why Care Centre for IVF treatment in central India, Indore
March 20, 2018
Delivering Hopes – NRI doctor consulted us for IVF treatment in Indore
March 20, 2018
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Introducing most advanced IVF lab in Indore

Introducing most advanced IVF lab in Indore, India

CARE has class 10,000 air quality standard with the use of most advanced CODA towers and HEPA filters.
Air quality of IVF LAB is single most important factor determining success rates.

Heart of IVF lab is incubator and CARE have advanced ASTEC benchtop incubators which help us with extended embryo culture and deliver pregnancy rates at par with international standards.
Most importantly our labs are managed by full-time training, the skilled embryologist who maintain QA/QC by proper maintenance and regular checking and calibration of all instruments with proper record keeping.

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